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Onsite Training / Machinary Training

When you are setting up your pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, you are likely to run into number of problems and you will be faced with various challenges. The biggest challenges are:

  • Installation of the equipment onsite and
  • Training the employees that are likely to use the machinery

One of the greatest advantages that you will have when you purchase your machineries from Surya Engineers is that you will not have to worry about the installation of your equipment or about the new set up procedures because we will guide you and help you set up your new machineries in a seamless way.

Surya Engineers will provide you with in-depth training on all the products and machineries that you purchase from us. Our hands-on machinery training will minimize the learning curve and help your team understand the functions of the machinery fully. Your team will be able to start using the equipment confidently and you do not have to rely on trial error method of operating the equipment. Our experts will also provide you with training on basic troubleshooting so that you will be able to resolve minor glitches immediately without any delays.

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