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Transformers and Automatic Stabilizers


Core: The core is made of high quality imported cold rolled grain oriented (c.r.g.o) silicon steel
laminations of m4 grade/0.27mm thickness and is coated with magnesium silicate phosphate
insulation on both sides. To fully utilise the grain orientation of the lamination, the ends of the limbs
are mitred and stacked together by over lapping the lamination in pairs, which will reduce the no-
load losses and thus the power required for magnetizing the core. The core will be rigidly clamped
with positive locking device to ensure adequate mechanical strength to support the windings
and also to prevent shifting of laminations during transport and further to reduce vibrations to a
minimum during operations.

Winding: The windings are made of rectangular or round sections of electrolytic grade copper
covered with several layers of age resisting insulation paper or enamel coating of high dielectric
strength. Coils are wound with adequate tightness to sustain from external or internal mechanical
stresses. Sufficient cooling channels/ducts between windings are also provided. Transportation of
conductor turns are taken care on L.V. windings whenever necessary.

Automatic Stabilizers

Due to addition and subtraction of loads, the supply terminal voltage fluctuates. Voltage fluctuation
can be controlled manually or automatically by various methods. The safest and surest and most
accurate of them all is servo controlled method which is widely accepted. Major advantage of having
a servo controlled voltage stabilizer is that the right from the transformer and variac to the sensing
control circuit.

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