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Dry Powder Filling Machine

dry-powder-filling-machineThe Automatic Powder filling Machine is a versatile machine having volumetric dosing by Auger. The machine can handle micro dosing and dry syrup powder filling.


Technical Specification:

Output* 22 – 40 Bottles/minute (Single Head)60 – 80 Bottles/minute (Double Head)
Input 440 V AC, 50 c/s 3 Phase supply
Power 2 HP, 200 watts
Product Dry Syrup & Similar Powders
Filling Range 5 grams – 100 grams
Accuracy ± 1.5%
Approx Weight 130 kgs.

Note: *Depending upon product and bottle neck dimension

Semi-Automatic Powder filling Machine is a table top machine has been rated ideal for micro dosing sterile dry powders and external dry syrup filing.

Capacity: Capacities as per requirements and design.



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